Three Knuckle Butt Hinge (H100 Series)

HI-LOAD H100 series hinges have been in service for over 30 years and are still performing on many of those original projects. The H100 series was the first range of hinges to be created, based around a common design and components, and it still enables almost any project to be entirely specified from this one range.

The range is led by the H102 model and its H101 lift-off equivalent, both of which encompass design variations to accommodate both standard and heavy weight applications, as well many situation specific requirements.

As can be seen, the bearing arrangement in H100 series hinges accounts for both vertical and lateral loads, as well as spreading the load over as wide a surface area as possible. This design, in conjunction with its unique material and lubricant properties, results in its unrivalled performance.

As with all HI-LOAD hinges to be used on fire rated doors, the correct intumescent material should also be specified; please see product specific notes for guidance.