CE Marking

Single axis hinges for use on fire resisting and smoke control doors are covered by a Construction Products Directive mandate issued by the European Commission. Consequently, this standard is regarded as a “harmonised” standard and compliance with it, supported by suitable evidence, allows for the application of the CE mark. As fire /smoke door hinges have a critical safety function, application of the mark will require the involvement of a notified certification body to provide verification of the compliance claims. This will involve initial type-testing of the product to EN 1935, initial inspection of the manufacturer’s factory production control and continuing surveillance and approval of the factory production control. On satisfactory completion of these tasks, the notified body issues an EC Certificate of Conformity, which then permits the manufacturer to declare compliance and affix the mark to his product. The standard requires the following additional information to accompany the marking:-

• the identification number of the notified certification body
• the name or identifying mark of the manufacturer
• the registered address of the manufacturer
• the last two digits of the year in which the marking was applied
• the number of the EC certificate of conformity
• reference to EN 1935:2002
• the classification code of the product