Third Party, voluntary, certification of construction products with fire performance is provided by Warrington Fire Certification under the Certifire brand. Certifire requirements are based on those for CE marking, but whereas the CE mark reflects compliance with minimum regulatory requirements, Certifire is independent third party product certification at a higher level, a quality mark, designed to enable manufacturers to demonstrate a difference between their products and those satisfying only the minimum requirement to be placed on the market. The main additional requirements for Certifire over and above attestation for CE marking are ISO9001: 2015 certification, independent audit testing and a comprehensive field of application document based on carefully chosen tests. Certifire test result information is contained in the certificate and specifies on which types of door the product is approved for, together with any limitations. Manufacturers are required to label or identify the product with the certificate number and to supply fixing instructions to ensure that it is used in the correct way.