Intumescent hinge pads

Royde & Tucker provides pre-cut intumescent hinge pads for use on fire doorsets to ensure that, when installed, the hinges comply with fire test certification. Intumescent material is almost always a requisite for ironmongery to comply with its fire test evidence, i.e. as the item was fire tested with a specific intumescent then that same intumescent should also be present on-site.

Frequently, either no intumescent is offered with the item of hardware and therefore not installed OR it is installed with another type of intumescent. This practice can invalidate the test evidence for that item – and therefore the doorset as a whole. To help prevent this, Royde & Tucker has a wide selection of die-cut intumescent hinge pads, cut to accommodate not only the size and shape of the hinge but also the specific screw fixing positions.

Royde & Tucker hinge pads are “Interdens”, a mono ammonium phosphate based intumescent, mixed within a 1mm fibre glass carrier. The strands of fibre glass ensure virtually no compression when used as a hinge pad, unlike other more malleable types of intumescent, which can compress and expand over time, causing screws and fixings to work loose.

Intumescent hinge pads are supplied in packs of 25 pairs (enough for 25 hinges)