Flatt Matt Black

HI-LOAD hinges are available in an extensive range of in-house applied finishes. Whether this involves dressing the substrate material in terms of Polishing, Brushing, Fine Satin or Burnishing or the application of surface processes which create a desired colour, tone or effect, our ability to either mimic desired material finishes with paints or lacquers or, for example, plate and patinate to create an artificially aged look is unrivalled; all of which we manufacture on either stainless or mild steel, the most suitable manufacturing material for hinges which endure.

In addition to the finishes below HI-LOAD hinges can also be plated in semi/precious metals including Gold and Silver. For details required finishes or for matching existing items please contact the sales office.

Standard Finishes (part suffixes)
BSS: Brushed stainless steel (240 grit)
SSS: Satin stainless steel (320 fine grit)
PSS: Bright polished stainless steel

SBB: Simulated Brushed Brass. Dyed Electrolacquer
ABZ: Simulated Light Satin Bronze. Dyed Electrolacquer
SPB: Simulated Polished Brass. Dyed Electrolacquer
PBZ: Simulated Polished Bronze. Dyed Electrolacquer

SNP: Satin nickel electroplate
SBL: Satin brass electroplate lacquered
PNP: Polished nickel plate. Slightly softer and whiter in colour than PSS, nickel plate also has self leveling properties which make for a slightly smoother final finish.
PBL: Polished Brass electroplate lacquered

ABR: Antique Brass. Electrobrass plated and patina. Vertically distressed giving high and low lights, lacquer sealed.
OBZ: Old Bronze. Electrobrass plated and patina. Relieved giving high and low lights, lacquer sealed.
IBU: Imitation Bronze Unlacquered. Electrobrass plated and patina. Relieved giving high and low lights esp. around features, wax finished as standard.
DBZ: Dark Bronze. Electrobrass plated heavy patination and gently relieved giving rich dark brown/black colour, lacquer sealed

Protective finishes only
BZP: Bright zinc plate
EBP: Electro brass plate
SZP: Satin zinc plate

PPC based finishes
NST: Polyester powder coat
FMB: Flat Matt Black, PPC
BIO: BioCote clear antimibrobial lacquer

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)
PVD Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gunmetal finishes can all be provided in satin or polished