H102-C, 8 & 9 (Cranked Hinges)


H102-C Swing Clear Hinge
Improves access through door openings by swinging the door clear, of the opening at 90°, permitting wide objects such as hospital beds or wheelchairs to pass freely, preventing damage to door and/or equipment
FD30 Fire Rated. WFRC No. 138907
100×124×3mm Three knuckle swing clear butt hinge
Minimum door thickness 44mm

H102-8 & 9 Cranked Hinges
100×59/69×37.5mm Three knuckle cranked hinge
Minimum door thickness 44 or 54mm
Maximum adjusted door weight 80kg
Maintenance free, guaranteed for 25 years
c/w metric 5 × 32mm wood screws
Unless stated, substrate is Grade 304 stainless steel