Rising & Falling Butt Hinges

Rising & Falling butt hinges are special types of lift off hinges which as their name suggests cause the door to, self close (in the case of rising butts) and open (in the case of falling butts).

These hinges are typically used for WC’s and WC cubicles where for aesthetics for a bank of doors it may be deemed desirable to have all the doors closed when unattended (rising butts) OR whereby it’s deirable for the doors to self open (falling butts) so potential users can see that the cubicle is unattended.

In addition to the above standard rising/falling options there is also the H304 variant which causes the door to come to rest at 45 degrees. This option has the obvious benefits of both the above reasons.

As rising/falling hinges are “unchecked” it is sometimes desirable to incorporate some form of damping mechanism, especially for rising hinges to prevent the doors from slamming, for this we recommend the D140 adjustable damper.