H1254-2 & 3 (Conductor Hinges)


Conductor hinge. Allows the concealed transfer of power from the door frame into the door leaf. Non load-bearing, use as 3rd hinge.

125×93×3.25mm Three knuckle butt hinge
Maintenance free, guaranteed for 25 years
Appropriate for use with backcheck door closers
Minimum door thickness 44mm
Maximum voltage 24v. Maximum current: 2.0 amp per conductor
Number of conductors 8 or 12
High temperature wire: Silver plated copper wire with PTFE insulation to BS 2G 210
High chemical and thermal stability
Wire length: 250mm frame leaf, 1000mm door leaf
c/w metric 6 × 32mm wood screws
Unless stated Mild steel substrate, Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel available