Anti Ligature Hinges

Ligature: A device by which means can be used to inflict harm by restricting normal breathing and/or blood flow.

Anti-ligature device: A device intended to provide a specific function but from which it is not possible for a ligature to remain secured when subjected to loads representative of a person intending to inflict self harm or to manipulate a security device.

*DHF Technical Specification 001
Door mounted anti-ligature devices for safety & security purposes : November 05*

The increasing focus on the safety and security including when, for example, people are unsupervised in special care environments, meant the need for guidance arose to specifically ensure that door mounted furniture including load releasing devices such as coat hooks, and fixed items such as hinges, door handles and other
hardware products, used to provide vulnerable people with increased levels of personal freedom and quality of life, do not at the same time provide a means of inflicting self harm or serve as attachment points which enable damage or manipulation of such fittings.

To date, the DHF Technical Specification 001 remains the only method by which a manufacturer can have their products tested against a specified anti ligature test.

Key areas with regards this test are in the enclosed .pdf.