Door Bolts



​A bolt is defined as “a metal bar on a door or window that slides across to lock it closed”.

Royde & Tucker’s Barza & Anza bolts are one of the construction industry’s favourite high security door bolts and are repeatedly specified for their robustness, ease of fitting, tamper resistance and price competitiveness.

As well as the traditionally specified areas – secure accommodation, schools, colleges, Barza & Anza are also developing a growing demand for wider applications within healthcare, sheltered accommodation and indeed all public areas; specifically with regard to the growing movement towards Inclusive Design and the new guidelines as laid out in Approved Document M and BS 8300.

This development is predominantly due to the fact that both Barza & Anza bolts use large profile knob slides and have an enhanced spring loaded mechanism which, as well as being reliable in both vertical and horizontal positions, also creates little resistance to throwing/withdrawing the bolt – which is particularly suitable for those with dexterity problems.