ANSI (UL Listed) Hinges

Globally there are generally two supra national standards to which hinges and other items of Architectural Hardware can be tested.

In Europe and in certain non European countries Euronorm (ENs) are either the accepted classification system or at the very least ENs are recognised and understood. The vast majority of Royde & Tucker hinges are tested to the appropriate European standards, with the resulting certification being drawn from these, potentially several, ENs simultaneously.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) represent the second globally recognised classification system, which encompasses, amongst other hardware, hinges. Under the ANSI scheme the predominant difference is the proscribing of hinge dimensions recommended for certain applications, in addition a different set of testing criteria, testing methodology and classification system are used when testing and certifying hinges.

The hinges contained in he following section are designed and conform with ANSI 156.7 and ANSI 156.1. Independent UL listing of the hinges was completed in 2011 and all Royde & Tucker ANSI hinges are UL10C and cUL10C certified.

UL CoC 20130305_R26937