H301 Falling Butt Hinge


Falling butt hinge
100×77×3mm falling butt hinge
These hinges cause the door to fall OPEN
Maximum adjusted door weight 50kg as standard, or up to 80kg (please contact the sales office for advice)
Minimum door thickness 29mm
c/w metric 5 × 32mm wood screws
Due to the precision engineering of our rising butt hinges, 3 or even 4 can be used per door leaf, if required
Unless otherwise stated stainless steel substrate, Grade 316 stainless steel available

These butt hinges are not to be confused with the HI‑LOAD range, in that they require regular maintenance. After fitting, the cam faces and pin must be lubricated with grease supplied, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Radius R5 to LR/RR variants