D140 Adjustable Damper


Damper unit
147×52×32mm Damper unit for use with rising butt hinges
Dampens the closing action between 26° and 0° on a 44mm door using a RT H300 series hinge
Adjustable power. Slacken locking nut with 1.5mm Allen key, turn knob on base of unit
Unit is mounted in the hinge edge of the door (frame or door mounted). Should be positioned in close proximity to one of the rising butts
Available with 10mm radii to faceplate, part ref: D140-R
Available with full narrow faceplate and radius plunger (D140-106) if being offset in the door’s thickness (closer to the pivot point) as with rebated doors

If door mounting, ensure that the unit’s bore hole is parallel to the door face.
Placing the unit further from the hinge pivot point gives maximum mechanical advantage. The unit’s faceplate and strike plate must be flush mounted.