4” two & three knuckle hinges


4 × 4” (101.6 × 101.6mm)
H4040-FS Three knuckle butt hinge
H4040-LS/RS Two knuckle butt hinge (handed)
Maximum adjusted door weight 220lb/100kg
Minimum door thickness 44mm
Maintenance free, guaranteed for 25 years
c/w No.12 × 1¼” Phillips single helix self tapping wood screw
Unless otherwise stated stainless steel substrate, Grade 316 stainless steel available

Conforms with ANSI 156.7 and ANSI 156.1.
Independent UL listed.
UL 10C (Cert No: 20110711-R26937)
cUL 10C (Cert No: 20110831-R26937)