D140-110 Rebate Damper Kit


      • 144x52x32mm Damper unit and rebate kit for use with rising butt hinges, typically on WC cubicles
      • Dampens the closing action between 26o and 0o on a 44mm door using a rising butt hinge
      • Compression force 8N to 3,500N
        Stroke 7 mm to 40 mm
        Speeds from 12 mm/min
      • Max door leaf weight 80kg
      • Adjustable power. Slacken locking nut with 1.5mm Alan key, turn knob on base of unit, towards 0 for less resistance, towards 9 more resistance; re-fit.
      • Unit is mounted in the hinge edge of the door (frame or door mounted). Should be positioned in close proximity to one of the rising butts
      • Note:
        If door mounting, ensure that the unit’s bore hole is parallel to the door face. Placing the unit further from the hinge pivot point gives maximum mechanical advantage